4K Canon Powershot V10 Camera Is Perfect For The Daily Vlogger

The Canon Powershot V10 camera is available now

As technology evolves with a growing amount of content creators and documentors, the Canon Powershot V10 camera launches at a suitable time to help the demand for high-resolution vlogging cameras. With 4K video capabilities and a fixed 19mm (35mm equivalent) wide angle lens, it might be a good time to set down your phone camera.

Don’t get me wrong, phone cameras are fine. They’re small and they suffice. The size acts as a double edged sword though, as small form factors cause more instability issues, problems with heat dissipation, and limitations on performance. That’s where Canon comes in.

The robust vertical body Canon Powershot V10 camera with a built-in 30-degree stand is a completely novel design for Canon, and it makes perfect sense in the instance where these cameras are placed down to shoot rather than held to take photos. Although selfie cameras on smartphones are frequently poorer quality and resolution than the rear-facing cameras, they are nonetheless used to record a lot of this type of footage.

Canon Powershot V10 Camera

By allowing the user to flip the screen, Canon’s V10 addresses this issue and gives you the best feature from both tools with the high-quality 4K camera and a preview to help frame the shot.

Two excellent stereo microphones are already present in the V10, and a third microphone was added to help with noise reduction. Additionally, it connects to the Canon Camera Connect app so that videos may be transferred over Wi-Fi without the need for memory cards. The V10 also incorporates USB ports that enable faster data transfers and webcam usage.

Priced at $429, the Canon Powershot V10 camera is competitively priced to be positioned as both an upgrade from a smartphone and an upgrade towards a full-size interchangeable lens camera.

Canon Powershot V10 Camera

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