Adobe Accepts AI Generated Art

Is it worrisome that Adobe accepts AI generated art?

While minimizing the risks of copyright issues, news broke as stock image provider Adobe accepts AI generated art. The company has revised its policies to enable AI artwork within their stock photo service, as long as it meets their prerequisites.

As Adobe accepts AI generated art, any work created by AI will need to first be identified, and contributors will need permission to use any reference pictures or text prompts. Releases are required by the creator for any work that features identifiable individuals within the image.

Additionally, the new policy forbids creators from abusing AI by submitting numerous images in response to the same request. They must submit their works as illustrations, not photos, and they’re not permitted to input misleading, repeated, or ambiguous descriptions. Adobe guarantees compensation in the event of an intellectual property dispute, just like with photographs.

While Adobe accepts AI generated art, Getty Images has prohibited AI illustrations due to possible copyright issues when it comes to picture rights. It seems that when it comes to licensing AI-generated content, consumers are being required to familiarize themselves with the terms and conditions of an AI tool. No one can simply submit something if the tool’s creators don’t want users to license their works for commercial usage, and according to Adobe the royalties received for AI-generated art are the same as those for other Stock assets.

So with this new update, is it beneficial for creators? Although we believe some might face obstacles that may lead to income loss, in the long run the monitorization of AI generated art may provide a silver lining that results in a safer space for all digital art creators.

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