Travel Back To 17th Century In The African Queens Njinga Netflix Official Trailer

The African Queens Njinga Netflix docuseries arrives February 15

A new African Queens Njinga Netflix official trailer has surfaced and is scheduled to debut next week. The documentary series will merge dramatization and documentary to examine the lives of influential African Queens, charting each one’s journey to power.

The African Queens Njinga Netflix official trailer highlights the show’s narration with a voice over done by Jana Pinkett Smith, who is also the executive producer. Written by Peres Owino and NneNne Iwuji, Njinga features stories of Cleopatra and Queen Njinga.

Watching the trailer below, we get an idea of what to expect from the upcoming series’ hybrid dramatization and documentary approach. It solely tells the tale of Njinga, the first female ruler of Ndongo and Matamba in the 17th century, which is present-day Northern Angola.

We also see how fearless Njinga is, as she defends her kingdom and keeps her people safe from slavery. She is referred to as the lone African leader acknowledged as a female King by powerful European rulers.

According to Pinkett Smith, it’s crucial for her as a mother to teach her daughter about the history of women who helped Black women advance in society.

“As the mother of a young Black woman, it is immensely important to me that she learns the lessons of the African Queens who paved the way for our success and the success of generations of Black women,”said Pinkett Smith.

African Queens Njinga
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The docuseries will have two seasons consisting of 45-minute episodes. The episodes will feature expert interviews and Pinkett Smith’s narration in a written docudrama/reenactment style.

In addition, the African Queens Njinga Netflix show’s executive producers also include Sahara Bushue, Terence Carter, Ben Goold, Miguel Melendez, Jane Root, and Maxine Watson.

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