Amazon Prime Video Dolby Vision HDR Support Confirmed

Three shows gets first dibs on the Amazon Prime Video Dolby Vision HDR support

Ever since Amazon made a deal with Samsung to stream in HDR10+, the Prime Video Dolby Vision HDR streaming feature has been very quiet. Now with the release of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power series, it’s the first time in six years where Dolby Vision HDR support gets its time to shine.

In case you didn’t know, HDR (high-dynamic range) can improve upon the imaging presented on a television. All of the best TVs have this feature, including budget, midrange, and top tier models. Users will experience better highlights, contrasts, and colors on a TV that’s playing HDR supported shows, movies, or games.

As for now, the Prime Video Dolby Vision HDR support is only available on three shows: The Rings of Power, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, and The Wheel of Time. The feature is currently only accessible on TVs, meaning users for now won’t get to experience the visual benefits of Dolby Vision HDR on mobile or tablet. As long as the TV supports Dolby Vision, you’re good to go.

So what’s the difference between HDR10+ and Dolby Vision? Techies believe that HDR10+ is the most flexible of the two. This feature can algorithmically transform any generic HDR content with preset metadata into dynamic metadata with variable points of brightness. Most Samsung TVs use HDR 10+.

Contrarily, Dolby Vision requires Dolby Vision cameras to capture the footage so that metadata may be added during post production. Video content can achieve a higher peak brightness of up to 10,000 nits, although it needs more work done in post processing. LG, Sony, and TCL have opted in for Dolby Vision.

Since there’s now Amazon Prime Video Dolby Vision HDR support, which was previously the only major streaming service that solely used HDR10+, Dolby Vision is now the king of HDR. About time!

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