Android 12 vs Android 11 Comparison

With Google’s latest mobile OS out, what’s the Android 12 vs Android 11 comparison like?

Let’s cut to the chase, the Android 12 vs Android 11 comparison shows that Google has gone all out on making their new mobile operating system more private and more appealing to users. There’s a number of new phones to join the Android family, including the Samsung Galaxy S22 series, and they’ll all be running the new OS. We’re here to point out the key differences highlighted in the Android 12 vs Android 11 comparison.

The Android 12 features rollout first came to Google’s Pixel phones, the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. Privacy features were added to phone apps to give the user more transparency and control. There is now an indicator on the phone’s interface that shows whether the camera or microphone is currently on or off. For example on the Pixel, there’s a small green dot indicator on the upper right of the screen. In this Android 12 vs Android 11 comparison, we see that Google has made a quality of life change which allows users to enable or disable this setting.

Other Android 12 features include revamped notifications, where upon a tap, users will be taken directly to the app instead of having to go through a service to start the app. There’s a new snooze button for notifications as well as adaptive notification rankings that enable Android to rearrange notifications based on how the user works with their apps. There’s also the inclusion of a privacy dashboard and one-time permissions, providing better visibility to what data apps are accessing while managing their frequency of access.

Google has also employed color extraction settings for wallpapers. This automatically determines which colors on the screen are more dominant or complementary. Google then applies those colors across the entire OS and interface, including icons, lock screen, notification shades, widgets, and more. For example, if the phone’s background wallpaper is purple and gold, then the font color in the settings may become a hint of purple. The quick access bar that’s dragged down from the top may show icons in more of a gold tone. It’s meant to be applied very delicately, and not overwhelming.

The most important Android 12 vs Android 11 comparison is how the performance of the new OS will be more efficient in power. Google has claimed that CPU time in Android 12 will be cut up to 22%, while the usage of large cores by the system server will be cut by 15%. This results in prolonged battery life for the phone along with more fluid movement and touch screen interactions for the user.

Pack in smoother autorotation, faster downloads, and better integration with Chrome OS, the Android 12 vs Android 11 comparisons are clear. With all of this in mind, the Android 12 features are a substantial update with a fresh new style and a strong focus on privacy.

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