Apple Music Discovery Station Is Quietly Rolling Out

The Apple Music Discovery Station will help users find new songs

Tech giant Apple has started to slowly release the Apple Music Discovery Station, a new radio station on the Apple Music service that’s intended to assist audiophiles with their discovery of new music. It’s about time really, as the new feature has been requested for quite some time now.

So how does it work? An algorithmically curated playlist of music from the Apple Music Discovery Station will be played depending on what the user has been listening to recently but haven’t added to their library or heard before.

Although Apple hasn’t formally introduced the “Discovery Station”, the majority of consumers may access it right now via the mobile, desktop, and online apps for Apple Music. By going to “Listen Now” and then navigating to the Stations for “You”, you can find the option there. The [Your name’s] Station, which plays a selection of songs from your collection, works in conjunction with the Discovery Station.

Apple Music Discovery Station

The new station appears to be right on track (no pun intended) for Apple Music as it looks to improve its features alongside other music streaming services such as Spotify and Amazon Music. The update is surely a response to something customers have been asking for, even though it can hardly be compared to Spotify’s offerings that facilitate easy discovery, for example, its  “Discover Weekly” playlist.

Regardless, the Apple Music Discovery Station is a welcomed feature and we’re glad it’s finally gone live. Upon our own experiences, we’ve got to say that Apple Music knows exactly what it’s doing. The curated playlists have been perfect so far.

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