Bishop Sycamore Docuseries To Be Produced By Kevin Hart and Rich Paul

Kevin Hart and Rich Paul Team Up For Bishop Sycamore Docuseries

A Bishop Sycamore docuseries is now in the works. The high school football game between Bishop Sycamore, the mysterious school based out of Columbus, Ohio, and elite prep program IMG Academy made headlines after the game turned out to be a huge mismatch for Bishop Sycamore. The football game resulted in a 58-0 score with ESPN commentators verbally dissecting the issues of the high school team’s gameplay and credentials.

Bishop Sycamore vs IMG Academy was televised last Sunday on ESPN and went viral after the game became largely one-sided after the first half when Bishop Sycamore was down 30-0. This mismatch caused a spike in concern for player safety for the players who were going up against the stronger and more experienced athletes from IMG Academy.

The organizers were told by Bishop Sycamore that they were in for a competitive contest. A number of events have occurred in the aftermath, resulting in the firing of the Bishop Sycamore’s head coach Ron Johnson. Mike DeWine, Governor of Ohio, made an announcement that an investigation will occur.

The scandal has caught the eyes of actor and comedian Kevin Hart and NBA Sports Agent Rich Paul. Kevin Hart’s HartBeat Productions, and Rich’s Paul’s Klutch Sports Group have scheduled interviews with both current and ex players and coaches from Bishop Sycamore, now reported to be an online charter school. With both Kevin Hart and Rich Paul involved in the sports industry, it is not a surprise to see their interest and passion in developing the puzzling Bishop Sycamore docuseries about their football scandal.

“As soon as I started following this story, I was immediately drawn to it and knew it was something that myself and my team at HartBeat had to dive into. HBP thrives in the doc-series space,” said Hart. “We understand how to break down stories and capture the most interesting and honest moments in a narrative. We know this con comes with a robust backstory and cannot wait to share it with the world.”

Since the project is still in its early stages, there is no announcement on a release date or any other details. Given to what we have learned in the last week, we can only speculate on what else we will discover from this Bishop Sycamore docuseries by Kevin Hart and Rich Paul.

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