Dear Brodie Short Film Features Future Hall of Famer Russell Westbrook

The Dear Brodie short film captures the childhood of the all-star NBA point guard

NBA’s Russell Westbrook has unveiled the trailer for his Dear Brodie short film, a dedication to our childhood and the lessons of life. Written and directed by Dennis Williams from Camplight Studios and Zero World Media Productions, the film features Russell “Brodie” Westbrook as the focal point with flashbacks between himself as both a youngster and as an adult.

The story of the Dear Brodie short film is recounted from the viewpoint of Westbrook’s father, who narrates throughout the short and witnesses his son fulfill his potential by reminiscing his childhood. Westbrook finds his mother leaving with another man, and in order to rediscover himself, he must learn to live without her.

Alongside Dear Brodie, Westbrook has launched his Honor The Gift fashion brand as a tribute to the inner city community of Los Angeles. Honor The Gift is based on the principles of self-belief and a commitment to never give up on our aspirations. The clothing is mostly influenced by Westbrook’s adolescence and is related to the city of LA.

The publication of the Dear Brodie short film trailer coincided with the Honor The Gift brand’s introduction of its Fall 2022 “District” collection, which was inspired by the Unified School Districts of Los Angeles. The collection is now available on the Honor The Gift website.

In dedication to “honoring our childhood selves – the lessons of life’s innocent freedoms full of moments worth celebrating, in the present or through nostalgia; a reminder to never lose sight of the person we want to be,” more details on the short film are soon to be announced.

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