Dr Dre And Universal Music Group Reach Deal For Over $200 Million

Artist royalties and song catalog to be included in the Dr Dre And Universal Music Group deal

The next episode for Dr Dre and Universal Music Group will be close to the sum of a whopping quarter billion dollars as the Grammy and Emmy award winning hip-hop producer and rapper is striking a deal with UMG to sell a cut of his music catalog and assets. The assets will be acquired by both UMG and Shamrock Holdings.

According to Billboard, the Dr Dre And Universal Music Group deal includes artist royalties from both of Dre’s solo albums and his share of artist royalties from legendary rap group N.W.A. It will also include producer royalities and a song catalog that Dre does not have publisher ownership with.

This may comprise between 75% and 90% of the package earnings, which Shamrock Holdings will probably purchase as they own other recordings from top artists. There’s a high chance that UMG will buy the remaining portion of the percentages.

Dre And Universal Music Group
Universal Music Group

The master recording of Dr Dre’s 1992 debut studio album The Chronic is likely to transition to Dr. Dre from Death Row Entertainment, and will likely become acquired by UMG under the terms of the agreement. Shamrock is said to be in talks of acquiring Dre’s 2001 from 1999 along with Compton from 2015.

The deal between Dr Dre And Universal Music Group doesn’t end there, as master recordings of Kendrick Lamar tracks produced by Dre may also become part of the package. Those tracks are currently under the ownership of Death Row Entertainment, which is now owned by rapper Snoop Dogg.

Just to note, the offered assets does not include Dre’s ownership stake in Aftermath Entertainment, a record label he currently co-owns with UMG’s Interscope Records.

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