Dyson Develops Robots, Shows First Glimpse of Prototypes

The secret’s out—Dyson develops robots for household chores

Aside from building vacuums, did you know Dyson develops robots? The multinational technology company known for designing vacuum cleaners and air purifiers is working to make an engineering drive that will allow robots to enter our homes to do onerous, repetitive household chores

As a result, it’s entirely possible that us humans might get placed by robots for household chores. Now about that…will humans become obsolete because of this? With all jokes aside, Dyson has opened four robotics technology offices in London, Hullavington, and Singapore, with plans to hire 700 more engineers to work on robots that will assist people with home tasks.

Dyson has spent the last 10 years focusing on the improvement of home robots. It’s all part of an under the radar, clandestine 20-year research on advanced household robotics that first began with the company’s creation of robotic vacuums. Now we know for sure that aside from designing and manufacturing vacuums and fans, Dyson develops robots.

As Dyson develops robots for household chores, the company shows off their “secret robot prototypes,” which can be seen picking up teddy bears, organizing dishes, and cleaning sofas in the video above. Proprietary vision systems demonstrate human-mapping and thermal imaging capabilities in Dyson’s “Perception Lab.”

“There is a big future in robotics,” said designer Jake Dyson. “Saving people time, performing chores for people, and improving people’s daily lives. I’m a parent, I spend half my life cleaning after my kids and it’s pretty tedious. One thing about robots, as with wearables, is that they are the future of Dyson.”

Dyson aims to spend almost $3.5 billion on technologies and infrastructure over the next five years, with at least a major chunk of it going towards robotics. The company is already improving sensors and cameras to help robots comprehend the differences between objects as it scans rooms, furniture, and household items. It looks like sooner than later, these robots are on their way to becoming competent cleaning professionals.

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