Free Podcast App Overcast Redesigned

The Podcast app Overcast redesign features much-needed updates and improvements

Developer Marco Arment has launched his podcast app Overcast redesign today, adding frequently requested features to his popular mobile third-party podcast player. Overcast now arguably sits on top of its competition as the best podcast player on iOS.

The free podcast app Overcast has been updated to version 2022.2 for the Apple iOS. There’s an overhauled user interface to better represent how we listen to podcast episodes, enabling the user to pin podcasts to the home screen for quick and easy accessibility to new and previously played casts. With more customizables, we can now utilize filters to look up updated, inactive, or all shows by simply dragging and dropping.

Bringing in almost mandatory management tools, the podcast app Overcast redesign features an important quality of life feature of being able to mark a podcast as already played which helps with wasting cellular data. Playlists can now be created that only show “Starred”, “Downloaded”, and “In-Progress” episodes. Podcasts may now be pinned to the top of the home screen list, similar to the Overcast widget and CarPlay.

Also included in the free podcast app Overcast redesign is a customizable tint color taken from the iOS light and dark theme color palettes. Other updates include being able to delete and redownload episodes separately and opening links through the Safari browser. App performance overall has been improved when dealing with longer playlists and collections.

With the addition of pinning podcasts to the home screen, better quality of life, and the already amazing smart speed feature, Arment has given us a great revamp of the best alternative podcast app with the Overcast 2022.2 update. Overcast is available for both iPhone and iPad on the Apple App Store.

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