Ghostface Killah STEMPLAYER Will Be The Only Way To Listen To His New Album

Purchasers have two Ghostface Killah STEMPLAYER editions to select from

Legendary Wu-Tang Clan founding member Ghostface Killah will be releasing the Ghostface Killah STEMPLAYER for his upcoming new album. Still untitled as of now, rapper Dennis Coles’ new project is scheduled to launch later this month exclusively on Kano Computing’s STEM music device that enables audio mixing and streaming.

For those new to STEM, the music device gained popularity as it became the platform that debuted the initial release of Kanye West’s Donda and Donda 2. Ghostface has now partnered with the company to introduce his own unique gadget.

Developed by both Kano and Coles, there will be two variations of the Ghostface Killah STEMPLAYER. The Cream Edition is priced at $240 and comes with five tracks from the new Ghostface Killah album while the Black Edition costs $360 and includes 10 tracks. In addition to “video documentaries, direct meetings with the crew, and access to an exclusive Stem fest concert,” buyers will also get access to “never before heard music” according to a press release.

“This is music for these people who care about me,” said Ghostface. “I’m not saying people don’t care about me, but when you’ve got dedicated Ghostface or Wu-Tang fans, these are hardcore fans for life.”

Both editions of the Ghostface Killah STEMPLAYER are scheduled to ship in February. Fans may listen to a free stream of his brand new song “6 Minutes” on the Stem website up until midnight tonight. Those who don’t own the device can opt-in for a $20 monthly membership service that’ll include the new Ghostface Killah album in full as well as the extras on January 31.

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