IKEA VINDSTRYKA Air Quality Sensor Can Track Invisible Health Hazards

The IKEA VINDSTRYKA air quality sensor measures PM2.5

There’s a new smart, Swedish way to keep your home healthy with the IKEA VINDSTRYKA air quality sensor. Able to track PM2.5 air particles invisible to the naked eye, the VINDSTRYKA’s sensor can also detect temperature, humidity, and total volatile organic compounds (TVOC).

Unfortunately, the IKEA VINDSTRYKA air quality sensor can’t measure carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide, but it does feature a nice display providing live information on what it’s tracking. The VINDSTRYKA is also compatible with IKEA’s Dirigera smart home hub and STARKVIND air purifier to view readings and enable controls in the Home smart app.

According to a press release from the Swedish home goods retailer, the VINDSTRYKA will be able to automatically change the STARKVIND’s fan speed when connected to the DIRIGERA hub, and in accordance with the amount of PM2.5 within the air.

VINDSTRYKA air quality sensor

Furthermore, Ikea has stated that they would update the hub to support Matter, the new smart home standard for connected home over IP. The DIRIGERA is already a Matter supported device, and it’s likely that the VINDSTRYKA will integrate with Matter in the near future since many indoor air quality sensors are expected to be included in the next Matter release. As a result, any Matter-compatible device in any Matter-compatible environment can be connected to and controlled by the sensor.

Pricing for the IKEA VINDSTRYKA air quality sensor is at a very competitive $49.99. It’s a welcomed arrival being that it’s a reasonably priced monitor that should work well with Matter-compatible devices. IKEA has scheduled its launch for April 2023.


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