Instagram Visual Refresh Announced

The Instagram visual refresh brings us a new typeface and an updated 3D gradient

Photo-sharing social media app Instagram has introduced their new “Instagram Visual Refresh”, an upgrade to their “visual identity” with a new layout and design, as well as a brand new Instagram typeface. The app has had a few modifications since its launch in 2010, but this update seems to be the most photogenic of all.

Rewind back to 2016, the nostalgic Instagram camera logo made its change to the modern orange and purple gradient with the white icon overlay. Of course the visual update came with much criticism from the app’s most passionate users. Fast forward to 2022, the new gradient isn’t too far off from what we’ve been accustomed to.

To make it feel more illuminated and alive, as well as to represent moments of discovery, the logo’s gradient has been recreated in brighter hues. At first glance, it’s quite difficult to tell a difference from the previous gradient, but with a second look it’s definitely been updated with more vibrancy and illumination.

The more obvious Instagram visual refresh is the new Instagram typeface named “Instagram Sans”. According to the company, the new Instagram typeface is inspired by the design components that their community sees on a daily basis, such as the IG logo and wordmark. Instagram Sans is used on everything from billboards to websites to emphasize the identity of the company.

Most importantly, the new font has been created while keeping the platform’s heritage in mind. “We partnered with language experts around the world to adapt the typeface to global scripts including Arabic, Thai and Japanese. We want to support all of our creators and community members who push culture forward to express themselves fully in any language they choose,” stated Instagram in their press release.

There’s also a new layout on IG that will showcase full-screen imagery while referencing in-app experiences. To learn more about the Instagram visual refresh, check out

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