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As of late, there has been a lot of updates on Apple iPhone 13 rumors and news spread around the web. Usually around the early fall season, Apple is ready to unleash their new generation of product lines. New iPhone 13 leaks have been surfacing on the internet with models, pricing, specifications, and even a rumored release date.

We here at Black Producer have been hunting down the latest iPhone13 rumors to keep you updated with new iPhone 13 news. Our information will cater towards anyone from Apple fanatics to mobile newcomers, and have made it easy for you to browse with a list of updates below. Here are all the details about the upcoming Apple iPhone 13.


There will be subtle changes here but the biggest one would be the design of the rear camera. The base models look to have a diagonal lens arrangement with a smaller notch in comparison to the iPhone 12. There may be an upgraded ultrawide camera for the higher models. New colors may be introduced, as rumors of pink and orange colors are assumed to be ready at launch.


The screen size and resolution of all Apple iPhone 13 models should stay within the same specs. The big upgrade here are for the Pro and Pro Max models, as some iPhone 13 rumors have stated a 120Hz refresh rate. In short, this means the capacity of frames per second on the screen has increased to 120. In comparison, the iPhone 12 had a screen with a capacity of 60 frames per second (60Hz). To be fair Apple has been a bit late of this as many other Android flagship mobile phones have been using 120Hz screen for years now.


It is very likely the A15 chipset will be running on across all iPhone 13 models. Some iPhone 13 rumors have stated there may be a storage capacity of 1TB. Also expect a larger battery size. Last year’s iPhone 12 contained a 2,805mAh cell. The upcoming iPhone 13 is supposed to have a 3,095mAh cell.

Release Date

No official announcement has been made, but we believe the Apple iPhone 13 release date should be sometime in September 2021. Apple has a pretty consistent history of putting their phone models up for pre-order on the Friday following their launch event, and then had them available in-store on the following Friday. So as good as iPhone 13 rumors can get, we believe the release date will fall on the last Friday of the month, on September 24, 2021.


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