Unreleased Dilla Tracks Will Premiere On The J Dilla STEMPLAYER

The J Dilla STEMPLAYER features volume three of the Dilla beat packs

Popularized for its release of the Kanye West Donda album, Stem Player will be releasing the J Dilla STEMPLAYER along with a number of never before heard and unreleased Dilla tracks. Listeners may access 20 distinct beats from the Detroit legend for $1.94 each month, including songs from Dilla’s Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 instrumental albums from the early 2000s.

Stem Player already has launched two J Dilla beat packs, with the third volume set to debut solely on the music device. In announcing the news of the J Dilla STEMPLAYER, the company thanked fellow Detroit-native producer Amp Fiddler for teaching Dilla how to utilize a sampler and locating the rhythms from the original MPC.

This release also includes contributions from additional musicians. Some Flea and Salaam Remi songs are now available for remixing, according to Stem Player, but J Dilla is the main feature. In support of this, his mother’s discussion on his legacy is included in the collection. A green skin for the Stem Player has been made available as a tribute, and the company also disclosed that a documentary about the producer is in the works.

Stem Player

For those new to the device, the Stem Player is an audio track remixing and rearranging device with physical controls in the form of a puck. The core tracks of a song are referred to as “stems” in this context, and the user is able to adjust the loudness and other characteristics of each stem using the device. The artist’s real raw and unmixed tracks are then handled by the Stem Player.

Purchase the J Dilla STEMPLAYER to access the J dilla beat packs through the Stem Player website here.

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