The Juvenile Tiny Desk Concert Might Just Be The GOAT

Watch the full Juvenile Tiny Desk concert below!

NPR Music continues to celebrate Black Music Month with the inclusion of the absolute banger in the Juvenile Tiny Desk concert just released. With a full backing band and Cash Money Record producer Mannie Fresh, New Orleans rapper Juvenile performed hit after hit including “Intro”, “400 Degreez”, “Bling Bling”, “Slow Motion”, and fan favorite “Back That Azz Up”.

The group of artists even included the Mannie Fresh-produced Hot Boys single “I Need A Hot Girl”, even though Juvenile himself isn’t officially on the track.

“Y’all don’t know, that’s my favorite part of the song right there,” said Juvenile. “I ain’t even on the song, but I’m in the video. I love that part of the song so much, but I like the part where Turk comes on. And I know Turk don’t like me right now, he really wanna punch me in the face. That’s still my lil bro. But listen, that part of the song had to be the best part of the song, when he come in.”

Juvenile Tiny Desk Concert
NPR Music | YouTube

The Juvenile Tiny Desk concert also featured Trombone Shorty and Jon Batiste as special guests. “Who ever brought two Grammy Award winners to Tiny Desk?” asked Juvenile. “Give me some love.”

What’s funny is how the Juvenile NPR Tiny Desk collaboration even came to fruition. Back in April, a fan posted on Juvenile’s Twitter to request him to play a Tiny Desk concert. At first, Juvenile denied and questioned the existence of Tiny Desk. His response riled up Black Twitter as fans posted their favorite performances from the show. Juvenile then tweeted out that he would reconsider.

Fast forward to this week and we now have witnessed what is arguably the best NPR Tiny Desk ever created. Thank you @theylovemyke!

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