Microsoft OneDrive Platform Redesign Arrives In Its 15th Anniversary

Check out what’s in store with the new Microsoft OneDrive platform redesign

A complete Microsoft OneDrive platform redesign and new features will be rolling out in the “coming months” as the tech giant celebrates the 15th anniversary of their cloud storage system, OneDrive. An entirely new landing page labeled OneDrive Home will take the place of the My Files tab, which allows users to easily keep track of their work.

The dashboard on the new Home page is very similar to that of the online version of Microsoft Office. And just like the Office web app, OneDrive Home will keep a list of your files, sorted by date. Filters will enable file type sorting for Microsoft Word docs, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoints, and PDFs.

The Microsoft OneDrive platform redesign also features a new “Activity” column that notifies comments, @mentions, or assigned tasks within a shared document. For instance, you may check the Activity column if you’re working with a team for any modifications or comments that need your attention or if anyone needs reminders.

Another feature is the new Quick access area on the left side of the Home view, where users can locate and pin what they most frequently use. When working remotely, the new Home page serves as a focal hub that’ll keep users organized.

Just don’t get too excited as these new improvements aren’t yet live, although Microsoft has hinted at a near future release date.

In addition to the Microsoft OneDrive platform redesign, the tech giant will be releasing their photo story feature for the OneDrive mobile app, although only to those in Australia for the time being. This feature is technically OneDrive’s version of Instagram stories. Those in the U.S. and other locations won’t have this new function until later this year.

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