My Journey To 50 Trailer Celebrates Heritage and Family

Gabrielle Union brings her family to Africa in the My Journey To 50 trailer

In a two-part special that is set to premiere on June 15 on BET+, the My Journey To 50 trailer below takes us on a ride with Gabrielle Union as she travels across Africa for her big 50th birthday. Get ready to go on a journey from the island of Zanzibar to Ghana’s coast, along with a peek at Namibia and South Africa.

The beginning sequence of the My Journey To 50 trailer shows Union saying, “What I needed was to be surrounded by friends and family for my 50th birthday in Africa.” The trailer also shows her enjoying time with locals as well as the people she traveled with. “I hope that this trip could mean peace and understanding, and joy.”

“I’ve always had a lifelong thirst for knowledge,” Union continued. “Connecting with the birthplace of civilization and my own ancestry helped me inch closer to my true self. There was no other place I wanted to spend my 50th birthday. It was an experience I’ll never forget and I’m excited for audiences to join me on the journey.”

My Journey To 50 Trailer
BET Plus | YouTube

Union is slated to star in material created by her production firm I’ll Have Another, which was established in 2018, in addition to celebrating this significant birthday. Among them is the upcoming Netflix film The Perfect Find, which she will star in opposite Gina Torres and Keith Powers. The Inspection for A24, Cheaper By The Dozen for Disney+, and her smash blockbuster series LA’s Finest for Charter/Spectrum, which debuted in 2019 and peaked as number one on the Spectrum on demand platform, were all recently produced by Union herself.

Check out the My Journey To 50 trailer below!

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