The Narwal Freo Robot Vacuum Mop Is So Fresh And So Clean

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Advancements in cleaning technology have led to innovative products such as the Narwal Freo robot vacuum mop. Able to clean both carpets and hard surfaces with a combination of vacuuming and mopping, the Freo is packed with smart cleaning features that should brighten up your day, and room!

Revolutionizing automatic cleaning devices, the Narwal Freo robot vacuum mop can automatically switch between vacuuming to mopping the floor thanks to a feature called DirtSense. It knows how often to clean a room and how long it will take to clean its mops thanks to its improved algorithms and sensors. With its Smart-Swing technology, a feature unique amongst robotic vacuums, the Freo can make sure no corners are being cut, or left uncleaned.

The Freo is designed to automatically adjust through its five different cleaning modes. It deploys and retracts its mophead whenever it detects dirty hard floors, unlike other vacuum models that require manually installation of mop heads. Running up to 180 revolutions per minute, the Freo’s mop pads can run lighter for wood floors and heavier for tile floors.

Narwal Freo

When the Freo has run its course, it will automatically return to its cleaning station. Mop heads are then detected, rinsed, and dried off by dual wind tunnels that eliminate bacteria and prolong the durability of the mop’s fabric.

Design-wise, the Freo is clean and minimalistic and resembles many other products from Narwal. The device includes an LCD display with control settings and child lock features, and there’s even a mobile app that enables the user to control the Freo at a distance.

The Narwal Freo robot vacuum mop retails at $1,299, but is currently discounted down to $1,099 while supplies last.

Narwal Freo robot
Freo robot vacuum mop

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