These New Dave Chappelle SNL Skits Make Us Laugh Like The Early 2000s

Watch the new Dave Chappelle SNL skits below!

Bringing us back to the good old laugh track, the new Dave Chappelle SNL skits were some of the most entertaining the weekend pastime show has ever produced. Starting with the opening monologue, which can spark some controversy, to the hilarious House of the Dragon bit with cameos from a few of the classic actors who made the Chappelle show so legendary. We applaud you SNL.

Aside from the jokes thrown on rapper Kanye West and basketball superstar Kyrie Irving during the monologue, the new Dave Chappelle SNL skits was where it’s at. We don’t want to get too political over here so we’re going straight to the humor and the humor only.

SNL gave Chappelle a lot of leeway that Saturday night. From the initial presentations of the skits — an homage to how Chappele used to format his own on the comic’s show on Comedy Central — to casting his own actors. If I wasn’t aware of the modern day SNL cast and you told me House of the Dragon was from an entirely new episode Chappelle’s Show, I would’ve been fooled.

Now if Chappelle was reading this, he wouldn’t want us to give him all the limelight and leave out Brooklyn’s finest rap duo, Black Star. Made up of Mos Def (Yasiin Bey) and Talib Kweli, the two performed two tracks from their second studio album No Fear of Time. Watch the SNL performance of “So Be It” below.

To cap off the show, Chappelle expressed his condolences to the recent passing of rapper Takeoff. On a lighter note, check out some of our other favorite new Dave Chappelle SNL skits here:

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