New ELEGOO 3D Printer Lineup Is User Friendly And Affordable

Neptune 4, Saturn 3, and Mars 4 debut as part of new ELEGOO 3D printer lineup

Providing a variety of reputable low-cost tools, the brand new ELEGOO 3D printer lineup havs been updated to feature intuitive interfaces and quality builds. Firmly committed to developing high-performance FDM and Resin 3D printers for newcomers and hobbyists, ELEGOO has developed a simple entry point while upholding the greatest standards of accessibility and usability.

Looking to create some accessories? The Neptune 4 and Neptune 4 Pro printers are not only simple to set up but also include a Klipper motherboard for processing power. Printing at rates of up to 500 mm/s is possible with this new ELEGOO 3D printer lineup, which also provides better precision for fine details. That said, ELEGOO recommends printing speeds at 250 mm/s for best results.

How about toys, jewelry, or collectibles? The Saturn 3 and Saturn 3 Ultra will be the go to choice as it features ELEGOOO’s new open-source GOO slicing format. With the inclusion of a 12K LCD screen, users may create works that are bigger, more realistic, and of higher quality, giving them greater flexibility and creativity when compared to the previous series’ 4K and 8K cap. In addition, the Saturn 3 Ultra can transfer files through WiFi at 6 to 10 MB/s.

For the smaller scale, the Mars 4 and Mars 4 Ultra is the correct choice. With a 9K screen, this professional-grade device can produce printouts of the highest quality while maintaining meticulous detail. As an added bonus, both the Mars 4 and Mars 4 Ultra are also compatible with USB air-purifiers.

Ranging from $259 to $499, the new ELEGOO 3D printer lineup is a promising addition to your kit, regardless of which unit you choose. The 3D printers are now available on the ELEGOO website.

ELEGOO 3D Printer Lineup
ELEGOO Official | YouTube
New ELEGOO 3D Printer
ELEGOO Official | YouTube

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