New Foldable iPad Expected To Debut In 2024

Analysts claim the new foldable iPad tablet will launch before  the foldable iPhone

Experts have said that Apple intends to test out foldable technology in 2024 with a new foldable iPad tablet before they begin to implement it on the iPhone. In an interview with CNBC, Ben Wood, the director of research at CCS Insight, stated that given the state of the market, it “doesn’t make sense for Apple to make a foldable ‌iPhone‌.”

“We think they will shun that trend and probably dip a toe in the water with a foldable ‌iPad‌,” Wood continued. This entails that a new foldable iPhone won’t arrive until 2025 or after, and would likely cost at an estimated $2,500. This prediction is generally in line with past claims from Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and display analyst Ross Young.

Additionally, technological issues run the risk of stoking the “feeding frenzy” from consumers. Apple would like to avoid those problems that other companies have endured with an early release of foldable, flexible technology. Wood claims that despite the dangers, Apple has “no option but to react because the trend toward foldables is gathering momentum.”

A smarter move by Apple would then be to launch a new foldable iPad tablet since they would be able to figure out how to implement and expand its tech. With a combination of data and profits, they would gain further control of the mobile market with the release of a new foldable iPhone.

Ross Young also predicts that Apple is currently testing a new foldable iPad tablet display measured at about 20 inches. According to reports, Apple and LG are rumored to be developing a thin cover glass that might be used on their upcoming products. There’s some uncertainty revolving around the design, but regardless, we can’t wait to get hands-on in the near future.

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