Pharrell Williams’ Non-Profit YELLOW Partners With Cisco

YELLOW Partners with Cisco to provide tools and tech for the youth

It was announced on Wednesday that the Pharrell Williams Non-Profit YELLOW partners with Cisco to provide the marginalized youth with cutting-edge educational resources and technologies. Together, the Grammy Award-winning singer and producer, along with the Cisco Chair and CEO Chuck Robbins, spoke at the Cisco LIVE event in Las Vegas about empowering the young with the tools they need to thrive.

Via the Pharrell Williams Non-Profit YELLOW, the music artist aspires to “even the odds” for all kids to make sure that the next generation get the innovative tools and resources they need to achieve. Cisco’s technology will aid YELLOW to create a networking foundation and improve immersive collaboration in the nonprofit’s curricula and safeguard the personal information of both students and teachers.

Pharrell founded YELLOWHAB, a “microschool” in his hometown of Norfolk, Virginia, to provide students with hands-on workshops and smaller classrooms for a more immersive learning experience that’s based upon the skill of the student and not the age. Data centers, DNA Spaces, The Webex Suite, Secure X, WiFi-6, and Meraki are just a few of the cutting-edge technologies that YELLOWHAB will incorporate with Cisco.

“This partnership between YELLOW and Cisco will take the education of our students at YELLOWHAB to the next level,” said Pharrell in a statement as YELLOW Partners With Cisco. “I look forward to our youth experiencing education through Cisco’s state of the art technology which will continuously expand their lens of possibility through which they see themselves, their community, and their futures.”

Robbins added, ”Cisco’s purpose is to power an inclusive future for all, which includes empowering future generations and making a positive impact on communities around the world. It’s critical that we work together with local partners to ensure that today’s youth learn and realize their potential in a digital age. Everyone needs access to experiential learning, and we’re proud to work with Pharrell and YELLOW to reach historically marginalized communities and close the digital divide.”

As Pharrell Williams Non-Profit YELLOW partners with Cisco, the students’ perspective of themselves, their neighborhood, and their futures will be continually expanded.

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