Nvidia RTX Video Super Resolution Launches Next Month

RTX 40 and 30 Series GPUs will be able to utilize Nvidia RTX Video Super Resolution

There’s a new AI tool in town — introducing the Nvidia RTX Video Super Resolution, a new feature that enhances the quality of watching videos on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge web browsers. First announced at CES 2023, Nvidia has finally announced the official launch date of RTX VSR — February 2023.

The Nvidia RTX Video Super Resolution is a tool that upscales videos up to a resolution of 4K while using artificial intelligence. It can upscale video with a native resolution of 340p all the way up to 1440p, and can also work with videos that use up to a frame rate of 144. The new tech is not available to all, as RTX VSR is exclusive to Nvidia’s RTX 40 and 30 series GPUs.

While 4K video upscaling isn’t a completely brand new feature, the innovation here lies with the usage of AI and bringing its technology into our web browsers. It’s quite fascinating that “bots” are doing all the work here. Don’t have a 3840×2160 monitor and want to watch a YouTube video at 4K? RTX VSR has got you covered. Want to watch a Twitch stream at a higher resolution than the 1080p maximum setting? You’re also covered.

As seen in the video above, the Nvidia RTX Video Super Resolution has amazing results, bringing clarity like never before. Since the new feature is to work on both Chrome and Edge browsers, we expect that using any streaming service will suffice, as long as it’s on one of the browsers mentioned. That means we can watch and upscale our favorite TV shows, Disney movies, and more.

More information will be made available near its launch. Fingers crossed it doesn’t take up too much memory or power to run.


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