PayPal Passkeys Android Support Announced

Providing a security boost, PayPal Passkeys Android support is a crucial update

Financial tech company PayPal has confirmed that PayPal Passkeys Android support is rolling out to customers. The password-free login system adopted by tech giants including Apple, Google, Microsoft, and more will allow Android users to log into the PayPal website using the new feature.

According to an announcement post from PayPal, the feature is currently on its way, and will be “more widely available over the coming year.”

The deployment will first begin on the PayPal website rather than the app, as confirmed by the company’s press release, and access to PayPal Passkeys Android support requires Google Chrome on Android 9 or above. Users will then receive a message asking if they want to create a passkey. It’s still unclear whether the app will gain support from day one.

passkeys Android Support

Passkeys are based on FIDO authentication standards and are typically cross-platform compatible, but users may need to wait until platform compatibility has been updated in the backend. There are also various password managers that enable synchronizing passkeys between devices, as well as accessibility across non-synced devices.

Aside from the US market, PayPal Passkeys Android support is expected to roll out to other markets this year.

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