Ring Car Cam Dashboard Security Camera Now Available

You can now buy the Ring Car Cam for $199.99

Two years following its initial announcement, the Ring Car Cam dashboard security camera is finally available for preorders on both the Ring website and on Amazon. Shipping to customers in the United States will begin on February 5th.

Ring Car Cam is the video doorbell company’s first venture into security outside the home. The camera contains dual-facing cameras that record both inside and outside of the vehicle, and whether the vehicle is moving or stationary. It also features a microphone and speaker, along with sensors that can detect motion and events within and around the vehicle.

When operating the Traffic Stop feature, users can instantly begin recording during or after an accident by saying “Alexa, record.” That said, the actual Alexa voice assistant is not built in, only that particular command.

Dashboard security camera

The list price for Ring’s newest dashboard security camera is $249.99 but there’s a limited time discount which brings the price down to $199.99. For $6 per month, or $60 annually, owners can purchase a Ring Protect Go subscription that enables the device to connect to an LTE network. This will enable owners to track the car when away from home Wi-Fi.

Additionally, that subscription improves the functionality of Traffic Stop by automatically uploading a clip of the recording to the cloud storage (for up to 180 days) while keeping the rest stored on the device. It also adds real-time alerts in the Ring app for any events that may occur.

Now how is it all connected? The device is powered by the car battery from the OBD-II port. From there the car cam attaches to the windshield and will flash an LED light when it’s recording.

For more information on the Ring Car Cam, check out the Ring website here.

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