Spotify Niche Mixes Feature Makes Its Debut

The new Spotify Niche Mixes feature has rolled out

A brand new Spotify Niche Mixes feature has been introduced by the music streaming app, allowing users to create “a set of personalized playlists that combines all that our Mixes offer in a playful way” according to Spotify.

Users will now be able to choose from tens of thousands of playlists that are based on any genre or category they can imagine. To provide a few examples, the Spotify Niche Mixes feature currently offers a “Feel Good Morning Mix”, an “80s Running Mix”, and a “Driving Singalong Mix”.

It’s super simple to get this all started. Users can navigate to the “Made For You” hub under the Search tab to start streaming a Niche Mix. Spotify then suggests 5 to 10 Mixes that it believes the user will enjoy. When searching for music, the user can type in a particular word or phrase describing an activity, vibe, or an aesthetic and follow that up with the word “mix” to generate the Niche Mix.

Spotify Niche Mixes feature

For example, type in “Cooking Mix” or “Driving Mix” to see what it can generate for you. Although there are many options, it doesn’t produce a playlist tailored literally to your search. You’re obviously not going to listen to food recipes.

To explore more of what is available, you can also just search “mix” and then filter by Playlists. If interested, we highly recommend the categories on “Every Noise at Once”, a project that’s mapping Spotify’s expanding list of genres and subgenres.

That said, the Spotify Niche Mixes feature along with all other Spotify Mixes can only be discovered by searching in English and are available to both Free and Premium Spotify users worldwide.

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