Third-Party App Shazam Support Allows For Song ID On Instagram, TikTok, And YouTube

Both iOS and Android phone will receive the third-party app Shazam support

Shazam’s ability to find new music has improved with a recent third-party app Shazam support upgrade. The music identifying application can now recognize music playing on third-party apps on Apple iPhones including Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube in addition to tracks that can be identified through a device’s microphone.

With the new third-party app Shazam support, users will no longer dwell to figure out a song’s title when they’re reading and doom scrolling through social media feeds. As an alternative, users can launch the Shazam app, tap the Shazam button, and then go back to the external social network site so that Shazam can identify. Users will then receive the song’s title soon after via Shazam.

In addition, Shazam features a brand-new feature that will automatically recognize songs on the aforementioned applications. By pressing and holding the Shazam button while using the app, users can turn the feature on. A notification displaying “Auto Shazam is on” will then appear. When in the Auto Shazam feature mode, the app will save every song it finds, allowing users to scroll back through and listen to their favorite tunes.

Third-Party App Shazam Support

Don’t worry Android users, Android phones can also utilize the new third-party app Shazam support. When it comes to identifying songs from other apps on The Droid, Shazam offers a similar feature. However, users still have the requirement to allow permissions in order to listen to the audio from other apps.

Shazam is currently free to download on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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