A24 Unveils All Dirt Roads Taste Of Salt Trailer

Watch the All Dirt Roads Taste Of Salt trailer below

The very first trailer for the new A24 project All Dirt Roads Taste Of Salt is finally here. The two-minute clip depicts how family bonds over love and loss in the rural south. The film embraces family, friendship, success, death, and the ups and downs of Black life while telling a heartwarming story.

The movie is a decades-long exploration of a woman’s life in Mississippi, according to the official synopsis, and follows a West African family in the South. Cinematographer Jomo Fray used 35mm film to capture the textured history of Mack, played by Charleen McClure.

As we see in the trailer, the film also features Moses Ingram, Reginald Helms Jr., Zainab Jah, Sheila Atim, and Chris Chalk in addition to McClure, and portrays a beautiful and emotional tale. Set to premiere at the 61st annual New York Film Festival later this year, there’s no doubt All Dirt Roads Taste Of Salt will leave viewers teary eyed. The film will also screen during this year’s NYFF Main Slate.

Dirt Roads Taste Of Salt
A24 | YouTube

Written and directed by Raven Jackson, who is making his directorial debut, the new A24 project was already 2023 Sundance’s “most acclaimed films”. The film is also executively produced by the Oscar award winning filmmaker Barry Jenkins.

Although the trailer only gives us a glimpse into the life of one woman, it lets us understand the type of joy we will experience. She gives us a look into the life of a young Black woman in the rural South as we watch her grow from a child to an adult, become a mother, and experience all the joy and suffering that goes along with that.

Check out the All Dirt Roads Taste Of Salt trailer below.

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