Netflix Good Times Animated Reboot Premieres Tomorrow!

The Netflix Good Times animated reboot premieres April 12

A whole half century following the 1974 debut of the beloved Good Times sitcom on CBS, a brand new Netflix Good Times animated reboot has been unveiled. With showrunner Ranada Shepard and executive producer Seth MacFarlane at the helm, the trailer for the animated series gives us a fresh new look at the Evans family.

The Netflix Good Times animated reboot centers on the life and events of a new generation of the Evans family in a Chicago housing project. The show ventures toward the adult comedy genre in contrast to the original program. J.B. Smoove as Reggie, Yvette Nicole Brown as Beverly, Jay Pharoah as Junior, Slink Johnson as Dalvin, Marsai Martin as Grey, and Rashida Olayiwola as Lashes by Lisa are the star studded voices that drive the show.

Per the series’ official Netflix logline, “An animated reboot of the Norman Lear series finds the latest generation of the Evans family, cab driver Reggie and his wife, the ever-aspirational Beverly, scratching and surviving in one of the last remaining housing projects in Chicago along with their teenage artist son, Junior, activist daughter Grey, and drug dealing infant son, Dalvin. It turns out the more things change the more they stay the same and keeping your head above water in a system with its knee on your neck is as challenging as ever. The only thing tougher than life is love, but in this family, there’s more than enough to go around.”

Netflix Good Times Animated Reboot

Furthermore, four-time NBA champion and future Hall of Famer Stephen Curry also serves as executive producer as part of Unanimous Media. The debut of the Netflix Good Times animated reboot is scheduled to launch on Netflix on April 12 with all 10 episodes. Don’t forget to watch the spicy trailer below!

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