British Designer Samuel Ross Becomes Beats Principal Design Consultant

The A-COLD-WALL* British designer Samuel Ross is on a roll

British designer Samuel Ross is on the rise and has made a name for himself in the UK market. Ross has jumped into the tech world as seen by the announcement of his first partnership with Nike and the launch of his COARSE exhibition at Friedman Benda in New York City.

Most recently, British designer Samuel Ross has become the first Beats Principal Design Consultant for the consumer audio product manufacturer. To develop industrial design solutions for cutting-edge technology, the designer will collaborate with both Beats and Apple. Alongside industrial design studio SR_A, Ross will develop sustainable packaging, eco-friendly materials, and high-end finishes.

“It’s an honor to join Beats as the first Principal Design Consultant,” celebrated Ross. “Beats is a technology brand. Its legacy is living in the now, through culture, and the future. Together we intend to further the design language, material experimentation and brand character. Our vision will combine wearability and style at the intersection of expression and functionality.”

British Designer Samuel Ross
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Ross’ involvement owes to the need to appeal to younger generations. According to Beats CMO Chris Thorne, the company’s products must “have the right design, the colors right, the messaging and positioning. That’s something that Samuel is so good with for the brand.”

British designer Samuel Ross appears to be a strong fit for Beats in general because he’s a cross-medium designer who employs industrial design language and works in a variety of media. This is not his first stint with the tech giant, as he has worked with design teams at both Apple and Beats, but it wasn’t until this year when Beats decided to secure his talents.

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