Logitech Sight AI Tabletop Camera Announced

Improve work meetings with the Logitech Sight AI tabletop camera

Swiss-American computer peripheral company Logitech has introduced their new Logitech Sight AI tabletop camera to help capture and track work meetings and its participants. With integrations with Zoom’s Smart Galley and the dynamic view in Microsoft Teams, the Logitech Sight was created with some of the most popular video conferencing suites in mind.

According to research from Microsoft’s 2022 Work Trend Index: Annual Report, 43% of remote workers report feeling excluded from meetings, a problem that Logitech intends to address with the Logitech Sight. It’s also been developed to operate with the Logitech Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini, which are put at the front of the room to provide a broad view of the room space.

The Logitech Sight AI tabletop camera consists of dual 4K cameras and seven beamforming microphones. The RightSight function of the camera, which Logitech states will be available “later after launch,” allows the camera to automatically select which camera to use, while switching between the Rally bar at the room’s front and the tabletop Sight module at the middle.

Logitech claims this should allow the Sight to “intuitively switch between camera views of in-person interactions and tracking conversations naturally.”

Aiming to provide equal opportunity for all workers, whether they choose to interact from the office, homes, or elsewhere, the Sight makes it easy to use third party features as it’s integrated with popular video conferencing services such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet. It’s also very easy to install with the integrated cable management and included mounts, and so is the managing with the Logitech Sync free software.

Priced at $1,999, Logitech promises their Logitech Sight AI tabletop camera will come in “responsibly sourced packaging” and is manufactured using “reduced impact materials” such recycled plastics and low-carbon aluminum. Expect the new tech to ship mid 2023.

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