Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses Provide A Glimpse Of Next-Gen Wearable Tech

Take a glance at the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses below!

In a partnership with Italian-French design company EssilorLuxottica, the new Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses have been revealed as the companies launch the second-gen version of their wearable tech first introduced in 2021. Since then, the designers have raised the bar on technological advancements by improving many of the smart glasses’ features.

The brand new Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses are powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon AR1 Gen1 Platform, with 36 hours of battery life. They include speakers that were specifically created to prioritize audio direction and reach higher maximum levels of volume all while reducing the amount of audio leakage during wear.

A new camera type has been constructed at the top right corner of the lens, making it discreet in appearance but capable of capturing remarkably high-resolution pictures. Additionally, 1080p video captures may be recorded for up to 60 seconds at a time with the new ultra-wide 12 MP camera. Using the voice command “send a photo”, wearers may even exchange photographs with friends and family completely hands-free.

Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses
Meta X Ray-Ban

One of the most unique features that EssilorLuxottica, Meta and Ray-Ban have developed will come in a future update next year, which utilizes AI through voice. Wearers can verbally ask “What am I looking at?”, and the AI will respond with the answer.

“You can get hands-free AI wherever you go,” said Mark Zuckerberg during Meta Connect. “I think the AI piece of this will be just as important as any of the augmented reality features.”

The Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses are priced at $299 and come in more than 150 lens and frame combinations. You can pre-order them online right now on the Meta website.

Ray-Ban Meta
Meta X Ray-Ban
Meta Smart Glasses
Meta X Ray-Ban

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