Make Music On The Go With The Yamaha SEQTRAK Mini Soundboard

Yamaha SEQTRAK mini soundboard is a all-in-one production studio

Japanese musical instrument and audio equipment manufacturer Yamaha have introduced their new Yamaha SEQTRAK mini soundboard, the brand’s solution to making music mobily. Labeled as a “music creation station”, the SEQTRAK offers a variety of functions including a synthesizer, mixer, built-in speaker and mic, sequencer, and much more.

The Yamaha SEQTRAK mini soundboard has a rechargeable battery, which makes it simple for the user to continue use while the device is plugged in. Yamaha claims that SEQTRAK was designed to be used for electronic music composition and performance anytime, anywhere. The company included easy connectivity to the sound machine, allowing the users to link it with a dedicated app.

Also featured is the Advanced Wave Memory 2 that consists of 128-note polyphony and provides a variety of realistic sounds, including synthesizers and acoustic instruments. The four-operator FM engine feature can produce synth pads, leads, and FM electric pianos.

SEQTRAK mini soundboard
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A station sequencer is another feature of Yamaha’s SEQTRAK that enables music producers to compose, arrange, and playback tracks in a fluid and easy-to-use manner. All types of music producers are welcome to use this little sound system. With more than 2,000 presets of expertly composed songs, the sound machine’s station library may encourage experimentation with style and sounds for those who are new to or experienced makers of electronic music.

In addition, the SEQTRAK has a built-in sampler with seven sound slots and an extensive amount of effects that can be adjusted to produce professional-sounding tracks in a 44.1 kHz/16-bit format. Yamaha has a specialized app featuring a range of editing functions, such as envelopes, filters, and effect modification that can help producers further customize the sound they want. They can also add Yamaha’s extra content or sound files to the SEQTRAK via the SEQTRAK app.

Coming in two colorways (black, gray/orange), the Yamaha SEQTRAK mini soundboard retails for $599 and is currently available on the Yamaha website.

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