AAFCA Honors Kathleen Bertrand With Synergy 10 Award

For Outstanding Contribution to Film Industry, AAFCA Honors Kathleen Bertrand

Later this month on Thursday, September 28, AAFCA honors Kathleen Bertrand with the 10th annual Synergy 10 Award. Bertrand is a committed member of Atlanta’s film and television community who, in her capacity as executive director of the Bronzelens Film Festival, has consistently promoted diversity and creativity. The event will be hosted at the Auburn Avenue Research Library located in Atlanta, Georgia.

“Kathleen’s exceptional commitment over the past decade has transformed the Bronzelens Film Festival into a major regional event. Her enduring influence on Atlanta’s creative landscape has left an indelible mark, contributing to the vibrant foundation we witness across the southeastern region today,” said African American Film Critics Association President Gil Robertson as AAFCA honors Kathleen Bertrand

AAFCA has been at the forefront of fostering connections between Atlanta’s business and creative communities for ten years, helping to catapult the city to prominence as a center for film and television production. The 10th AAFCA Synergy Award is intended to recognize Bertrand for her significant contribution to the development of Atlanta’s arts and entertainment scene.

AAFCA Honors Kathleen Bertrand

“Accepting this honor on behalf of the BronzeLens Film Festival from AAFCA is a deeply heartfelt moment for me,” said Bertrand. “As Atlanta garners international recognition as a nucleus for film and television production, I am thrilled that BronzeLens has played a significant role in amplifying the often-unheard narratives of people of color.”

AAFCA, which was established in 2003 by Gil Robertson and Shawn Edwards, actively reviews movies with a focus on works that honor the African-American experience. Each year, the association honors individuals whose bodies of work have had a significant influence on the industry with Special Achievement awards in the categories of Best Feature Film, Best Documentary, and Best Director.

The Bronzelens Film Festival was founded in 2009 and has since carved out a special place for itself on the festival circuit, consistently ranking among the top events that cater to a wide range of viewers.

A big shout out and congrats as AAFCA honors Kathleen Bertrand.


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