Anderson Paak Directs First Film K-POPS!

Starring alongside his son, Anderson Paak directs first film

Making his directorial debut, Anderson Paak directs first film K-POPS! Stampede Ventures, a media company, has announced that the Grammy-winning American music artist will helm the new film by co-writing, directing, and starring in the comedic drama.

Anderson Paak plays a washed-up musician who travels to Korea to write music for K-Pop stars. Paak discovers that his long-lost son is the lead singer of one of the country’s newest pop groups. His son will be played by his son in real-life, Soul Rasheed.

“My mom is from Korea but she was adopted so I never knew anything about my Korean heritage until I met my wife,” said Paak. “This movie is a reflection on my experience learning about this part of myself alongside my wife and son—and spending even more time with them. I knew this would be something I should write and direct, and Stampede Ventures took a chance and trusted that I could pull this off. I’m excited to bring it to the big screen.”

As Anderson Paak directs first film K-POPS!, both him and Khaila Amazan (A Cuban Girl’s Guide To Tea And Tomorrow) have co-written the script. Paak is also producing alongside Greg Silverman of Stampede Ventures, Jaeson Ma of EST Studios, and Jon Park of Big Dummie through his firm Apeshit Inc.

K-POPS! is slated to begin production in Q4 2022.

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