Danny Brown Quaranta Album Announced

Start streaming the Danny Brown Quaranta album on November 17

The Danny Brown Quaranta album has been officially confirmed as the Detroit rapper announces his seventh studio LP and his first since 2019. The album’s track listing and release window was also announced, as well as the single “Tantor” produced by The Alchemist.

Quaranta, which is Italian for “forty”, is described as a “spiritual bookend” to Danny Brown’s breakthrough 2011 record XXX. Numerous well-known artists contributed to the Danny Brown Quaranta album’s production and lyrics. In addition to The Alchemist, some of Brown’s most popular collaborators are also included in the production credits, including Paul White, Quelle Chris, DJ and producer SKYWLKR, and the Bruiser Brigade team.

Directed by UNCANNY, the music video for “Tantor” features the rapper parading in Los Angeles in a bionic outfit. The video utilizes future editing techniques to blend humanity and technology.

Danny Brown Quaranta Album
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Are you ready for the seventh album by Danny Brown? We sure are.

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