Jeff Parker Solo Album Forfolks Announced

Featuring experimental jazz works, the Jeff Parker solo album Forfolks arrives next month

Coming out on December 10, the Jeff Parker solo album Forfolks has been announced along with a new single “Suffolk”. The Connecticut born American guitarist and former member of Chicago post-rock band “Tortoise” is known for his experimental, versatile, and innovative sound and has created music in multiple genres such as pop, rock, and jazz.

Released by International Anthem/Nonesuch Records, the Jeff Parker solo album Forfolks includes six original Parker tracks, many of which were written years ago. One of these tracks is “La Jetée,” which Parker recorded with Tortoise and Isotope 217 in the 1990s. It also includes his renditions of “Ugly Beauty” by Thelonious Monk and “My Ideal”. In June 2021, producer Graeme Gibson recorded the new album at Parker’s home studio in Altadena, California in just two days.

Earlier this year, Parker covered David Bowie with his band “The New Breed” on the track “Soul Love” from Bowie’s 1972 The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars. Featuring vocals from Parker’s daughter, Ruby Parker, their cover track will be printed on wax in the upcoming David Bowie tribute album Modern Love from the British label BBE Music.

Parker’s 2020 Suite for Max Brown was widely considered one of his best works where he used dozens of different sounds and instruments, a majority of which he plays himself, to create a number of sonically arranged works at different levels of pace. Parker will go on a tour with Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Steve Gunn in December and will resume the tour with Gunn in the spring of next year.

Jeff Parker solo album Forfolks tracklist:

01 “Off Om”
02 “Four Folks”
03 “My Ideal”
04 “Suffolk”
05 “Flour Of Fur”
06 “Ugly Beauty”
07 “Excess Success”
08 “La Jetée”

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