L Squared Technology Launches, Unifies Leica and Panasonic

Leica and Panasonic join forces as L Squared Technology launches

With the L Squared Technology launch, Leica and Panasonic Entertainment & Communication Corporation have announced the formation of a new, comprehensive, and enlarged commercial collaboration. Both companies have committed to increasing their core competency and developing new technologies and solutions as a result of this collaboration.

Under the name “L2 Technology” (L Squared Technology), the brand has symbolically utilized the two “L”s of “LEICA” and “LUMIX” for their future marketing activities, bringing together LEICA and LUMIX. As L Squared Technology launches, the brand name will serve as a symbol of the partnership by merging the technologies from both companies in the fields of software and cameras to develop solutions for the next generation.

“Through this collaboration, both companies will be able to maximize the synergies by Leica’s optical and imaging technology and Panasonic’s video and digital technology that have been cultivated over many years and jointly explore new creativity and expressive power,” stated a press release per Leica Rumors. “We will develop innovative L2 Technology that will create a new imaging world.”

According to the publication, the L Squared Technology launch will invest in new technology that can be built into cameras and lenses. Leica’s optical and image technologies, as well as Panasonic’s digital technology, will enhance the partner company’s product capabilities.

Leica and Panasonic have a long history of partnership. Both companies have been cooperating since 2000, when they started working on audio-visual equipment together. Commenting on the announcement today, Akira Toyoshima, CEO of Panasonic Entertainment & Communication Co.,Ltd, made the following statement:

“With the arrival of an era in which photos and videos are shared globally in real time, cameras are required to have capability to create more impressive and breath-taking expression. I have always been impressed by the high picture quality and the picture-making philosophy that Leica has developed over its long history. I am very pleased and excited to continue working with Leica to develop technology that will enable people around the world to share their emotions.”

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