Marshawn Lynch X Chime Collaboration

Celebrate this holiday season with the Marshawn Lynch X Chime collaboration

Teaming up to talk about financial progress, the Marshawn Lynch X Chime collaboration is a beast mode partnership that shares a passion for financial responsibility. Utilizing the company’s intuitive products, members of Chime will receive a confidence boost and sufficient knowledge on how to build healthy, monetary relationships.

It just makes sense (or cents) that the Marshawn Lynch X Chime collaboration comes to fruition, as the future Hall of Famer shares a huge passion for the community both on and off the football field.

“I linked up with Chime to have some real conversations with real people about the things that move them and their goals, with a side of no judgment, and we also gave ‘em a little forward momentum,” said Lynch.

Marshawn Lynch X Chime collaboration

Furthermore, earlier this month Marshawn Lynch himself unexpectedly stopped the drive-thru at the Steve’s Burgers in Los Angeles and asked the customers what they understood and meant by financial development. The persons themselves were as varied as the responses.

The Marshawn Lynch X Chime collaboration demonstrates that achieving financial success is a personal path and that development can happen when you least expect it. In this instance, Lynch personally presented a $2,500 check from Chime to the people who pulled up to Steve’s Burgers. Additionally, they had access to financial guidance from Chime’s non-profit partner, TrustPlus.

It’s safe to say, BeastMode wasn’t just there so he won’t get fined. He was there for the people. A big shoutout to Marshawn Lynch for the pleasant experience, and don’t forget to follow Chime‘s most recent updates for further strategies to advance your financial success.

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