Meet The Adobe Firefly AI Art Generator

The Adobe Firefly AI art generator is a user-friendly solution to licensed AI work

There’s a new addition to the Adobe family, the Adobe Firefly AI art generator. The computer software company has announced a “family of creative generative AI models” and has revealed the first two tools that will utilize this new artistic, automated tech.

Adobe has dominated the digital image creation sector for more than 20 years. Although the company has always included AI-powered functionality in its products, such as Content Aware Fill and Neural Filters, the Adobe Firefly AI art generator is the company’s first official image-generating AI.

How it works is fairly simple. Type a text prompt in Firefly and it’ll generate an image based upon the text. Firefly is intended to provide more reliable outcomes when compared to other art generators such as DALL-E 2 and Stable Diffusion.

Firefly AI art generator

For Adobe, the launch of Firefly is significant. The company wants to eventually incorporate generative AI technologies into its collection of artistic programs, including Photoshop, Illustrator, Express, Premiere, as well as the marketing-focused Adobe Experience Manager.

“We’re not afraid of change, and we’re embracing this change,” said Alexandru Costin, VP of generative AI and Sensei at Adobe. “We’re bringing these capabilities right into our products so customers don’t need to know if it’s generative or not.”

Adobe is also one of the few companies out there that is transparent about the data their models are trained on. According to the company, everything fed to their models is licensed, copyrighted, or in the Adobe Stock library.

“We can generate high quality content and not random brands’ and others’ IP because our model has never seen that brand content or trademark,” Costin added.

Adobe also intends to compensate artists who provide training data, according to Costin. Although it won’t occur at launch, the idea is to create a “compensation strategy” before the Adobe Firefly AI art generator exits beta.

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