Apple TV’s Stephen Curry Underrated Documentary Arrives Next Month

The Stephen Curry Underrated documentary film launches July 21

The wait is almost over as the highly anticipated Stephen Curry Underrated documentary film makes its debut in theaters and on Apple TV+ next month. Presented by A24 and Apple Original Film, the sports doc follows the basketball career of Stephen “Steph” Curry with never before seen footage.

The Stephen Curry Underrated documentary film also gives fans and viewers a look at Curry’s growth from being a Division I college player to becoming a four-time NBA champion. There always was an underlying tone of Curry being underrated. For those who didn’t know, Curry is now the NBA’s all-time leader in 3-point shots made, and he’s only adding to his legacy at the age of 35.

In a clip from the movie’s trailer, Curry can be seen reflecting on his success saying, “I was the undersized scrawny kid that was just trying to figure out how to make it. I was overwhelmed by everything. How would I respond? Let the work begin.”

Stephen Curry Underrated Documentary
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Along with an in-depth examination of Curry’s trademark long-range three-point shooting, his 2009 NBA Draft night, and other events that affected the sport, the documentary will also feature on-camera interviews with friends, family, teammates, and those surrounding the future NBA Hall of Famer.

Emmy Award winner Peter Nicks directed and produced the documentary film alongside Academy Award nominee Ryan Coogler, Erick Peyton, Sean Havey, Ben Cotner and Marissa Torres Ericson. The executive producers include Emily Osborne, Sev Ohanian and Zinzi Coogler.

Don’t forget to tune in the Stephen Curry Underrated documentary film, premiering on Apple TV+ on July 21, as well as in theaters nationwide.

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