New Google Pixel Fold Smartphone Unveiled

We get an early look at the Google Pixel Fold smartphone

Tech giant Google has finally revealed the Google Pixel Fold smartphone, labeled as “the thinnest foldable phone on the market”. Joining many others in the foldable market, let’s take a look at what the “Fold” has to offer.

Maintaining the inward-folding, tablet-to-phone architecture, the Google Pixel Fold smartphone differs from its rivals by staying ultra thin while retaining the cutting-edge technologies seen in other Pixel smartphones. Nice and compact, the Fold reveals a 7.6-inch OLED display when, wait for it, unfolded. Obviously no pun intended here.

Equipped with Google’s specialized Tensor G2 technology, which also powers the Pixel 7 series and offers enhanced machine learning performance, effectiveness, and capabilities, the Fold features a 48 megapixel main lens with 5x optical zoom and 20x SuperRes Zoom. It also features Tabletop mode, which the user can access by folding the phone and placing it down like a tripod, offering hands-free photo captures.

Pixel Fold Smartphone
Made by Google | YouTube

The Tensor G2 also powers the phone’s new foldable features including Dual Screen Live Translate, which enables users to translate conversations between two distinct languages. This feature will debut with the Android 14 update set to go live later this year.

There’s also the 9.5 megapixel camera at the front, perfect for selfies and works for the phone’s Face Unlock camera. As stated by Google, the Fold can last over 24 hours with its 4,821mAh capacity battery, and even up to 72 when using the Extreme Battery Saver mode.

At retail, the Google Pixel Fold smartphone will cost $1,799 for the 256 GB model and $1,919 for the 512 GB model in both the Obsidian and Porcelain colorways. Available for pre-order from the Google Store, expect the Fold to begin shipping in late June or early July.

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