New Snapchat Dreams AI Feature Expands on Generative AI

The Snapchat Dreams AI feature will experiment with AI images

Similar to the recent buzz with AI photo apps, a new Snapchat Dreams AI feature has been introduced, bringing us Snap’s take on generative AI selfies. According to developer and researcher Steve Moser, the new feature is designed to place selfies in AI generated “fantastical places and scenarios”.

By now, we’re no stranger to the boom of AI selfies that have already gained popularity thanks to niche applications like Lensa. The Snapchat Dreams AI feature will be located in the Memories section of the app’s camera roll. Once users submit a number of real life selfies to the Dreams app, Snapchat offers eight different Snapchat Dream Packs with themes such as back-to-school and doppelgängers.

Snapchat would need clean selfies to function with. Similar to other selfie applications, it wouldn’t accept shots containing people or ones with the user’s features obscured. The app will advise that quality AI photos will also come from a range of perspectives, emotions, and lighting situations.

Snapchat Dream Pack
Snap Inc.

“We’ve always approached creating value for the Snapchat community by doing things that are playful, that are fun, and that are sometimes a little bit silly and a little bit weird,” Jack Brody, Snap’s Vice President of product, told The Verge. “And I think Dreams really fits into that.”

The first Snapchat Dream Pack will be free to make, and each extra can be purchased for a dollar. Users in New Zealand and Australia have already received access to the new feature. Expect a worldwide release in the oncoming weeks.

In addition to the Snapchat Dreams AI feature, Moser discovered that the company is developing another feature named “Dreams with Friends”, which enables users to give their friends permission to make these AI “dream” pictures of them together. For more information make sure to keep tabs on Snapchat’s social channels.

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