Remembering Lance Reddick

Remembering Lance Reddick: actor, musician, husband, and father

In a tribute to the late actor, we will be remembering Lance Reddick for his work and accomplishments throughout his life. We grieve his loss but also honor the amazing legacy he has left behind.

Reddick was a tremendous force in the entertainment sector with a career spanning more than three decades. Born and raised in Baltimore, Reddick earned a music degree from the University of Rochester and he got his MFA from Yale. His compelling performances, authoritative presence, and impressive versatility as an actor mesmerized audiences. He gave each one of his characters life, leaving a strong and lasting impression.

From his early performances to his breakthrough role as Cedric Daniels on the popular HBO crime series The Wire, Reddick established himself as a unique talent. He moved between theater, film, and television with ease, garnering praise for his work in Fringe, John Wick, and Bosch. He became a true star in the field thanks to his unmatched ability to give complex figures depth and subtlety.

Remembering Lance Reddick – Cedric Daniels (The Wire)

Remembering Lance Reddick – Mr. Charon (John Wick)

The Wire creator David Simon remembered Reddick as a “consummate professional, a devoted collaborator, a lovely soul and a friend. This is just gutting and way, way, way too soon for any of us who knew and loved him to contemplate,” as he told The Hollywood Reporter.

Reddick’s work spread beyond Hollywood as well, voice acting in numerous video game franchises. In the wake of his death, many players in the Destiny 2 game gathered around Commander Zavala, the character Reddick voiced, to pay respects.

Lance’s wife Stephanie thanked the Destiny community in an Instagram post writing, “Lance loved you as much as he loved the game.”

Following his passing, actor Keanu Reeves and director Chad Stahelski have announced that John Wick: Chapter 4 will be dedicated to Reddick.

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