Gabrielle Union Explores Dating In The Perfect Find Official Trailer

The Perfect Find official trailer also gives us a look at Keith Powers

As seen in The Perfect Find official trailer, actress Gabrielle Union stars as Jenna Jones, a 40-year-old fashion magazine editor from New York City who’s in shock following the breakup of her engagement as well as her employment. Based on beauty editor Tia Williams’ 2016 novel, Jenna is now ready to get her groove back.

The Perfect Find official trailer follows Jenna who winds up in search for a gig with Darcy Vale, played by Gina Torres, a friend and enemy who runs a popular style blog. When Jenna starts dating a younger man named Eric, played by Keith Powers, things get problematic as Eric just so happens to be Vale’s son. Quite the entanglement isn’t it?

“I’ve been Jenna time and time and time again in my adult life, a woman hitting rock bottom and having to find her way back to herself, with her soul and scruples intact,” says the 50-year-old Union. “I’ve also dated younger guys and experienced all the good, bad, ugly and indifferent that comes with that.”

Perfect Find Official Trailer
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According to director Numa Perrier, the idea of “giving yourself a second shot at love and career after a dual heartbreak in both arenas” was something that “really spoke to me.”

“I had been through that work of piecing myself back together and finding happiness on the other side, so when I read the book and the script I related immediately and knew this was a world I wanted to bring to the screen,” says Perrier. “This story has fairy-tale elements and real-life crossroads at the same time, and that combo also spoke to me.”

The Perfect Find also stars Aisha Hinds, DB Woodside, Janet Hubert, and Alani “La La” Anthony. Union hints that there is one scene in particular that she can’t wait for fans to see. It includes a dinner party and is “definitely going to be talked about.”

Netflix will debut The Perfect Find on June 23. Watch the The Perfect Find official trailer below!

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